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A session fit for a princess

This adorable baby girl definitely got her modelling poise from her mom, so we weren’t surprised that she rocked her first ever styled photoshoot.

When Bilal Jeanpierre and Nadiah M Din first came to us a couple of years ago for a newborn session, it was when they welcomed their first born Nahyan, a feisty little boy who nevertheless impressed us with his sleepiness, managing to pose in every setup we prepared for him.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

Fast forward to today and baby number two, a demure baby girl this time, proved that she was up for the high bar set by her big brother.

Always our favorite angle.

Besides her calm and collected demeanour, which is no mean feat for a newborn baby of just 12 days, she also had the most delightfully plump cheeks and cute little “blink-and-you’ll-miss-them” dimples, to boot.

Those dimples though.

Needless to say, we captured far too many photographs of her and had to write a blogpost just so we could showcase some of our favourite images of her.

We also included a little behind-the-scenes video of her session below. 

A beautiful family.

Written by Timothy Fernandez 

© Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography

CREAM SETUP: Wrap and Bonnet by From a Belgian Girl. Wool by Cwtchi Coo. Crate & Barn Wood from Rękoczyny Katarzyny.
DEEP PURPLE SETUP: Bonnet and Wrap by Mimi Props LLC. Wool from Jessica Kandi Photo Props. Flower Halo by Needle Pillow. Cradle by Rękoczyny Katarzyny.
BUCKET SETUP: Bucket from Libelle Props. Flower Halo by Needle Pillow. Blanket from Uff Store. Bonnet by Whatsoever Things.
PINK SETUP: Wrap from The Vintage Soul. Tieback by Gumnut and Bloom. Wool by Bobo Felt. Basket from Dutch Style.
RUST SETUP: Bonnet and Blanket Layer by Tanya Tangles. Wrap from Steel Stiches Photography Props.
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Happy Mommy and Me

We’re delighted to announce our very first collaboration with a homegrown business that specialises in comfortable apparel for mummies. In line with the launch of their latest nursing bralette, we’re glad to announce an exclusive photography session that’s meant just for mummies and their little nurslings.

As any new mummy would happily attest to, maternity apparel tends to be really comfortable. And why shouldn’t they be, really? They’re made to adapt to growing bellies (as well as bosoms) and are usually so soft and stretchy that it would be a shame to not wear them long after you’ve given birth! This is how we chanced upon a homegrown company that prides itself on meeting the needs of new and expectant mummies for quality maternity apparel.

Snuggles and cuddles!

Happy Maternity is an online store that makes clothes and innerwear for the modern nursing mummy. Combining practicality, comfort and style, their aim is to create apparel that new mummies can wear during pregnancy, while nursing, and beyond. Their specialty though is in their nursing bras and tops, which are made to be as comfortable as they are convenient for busy, breastfeeding mummies.

This was one of the reasons we were excited to collaborate with them as they launched their newest and most stylish nursing bra to date. The Avery Dove Nursing Bralette is a comfortable undergarment that’s made of soft, breathable cotton with practical nursing clasps and classically chic lace design. It is meant to be a perfect fit for the glamorous modern mommy.

Oh, and need we mention that they look gorgeous in photographs, too?

As newborn photographers, we thought it was only fitting for us to celebrate the beauty of motherhood by offering an exclusive session just for mummies and their babies. As part of our collaboration, we are offering all Happy Maternity customers who purchase the new Avery Dove Nursing Bralette the opportunity to book a uniquely designed session with us that’s meant just for mummy and baby.

The “Happy Mommy & Me” session with Bows and Ribbons Photography is a session crafted especially for mummies who have purchased Happy Maternity’s latest nursing bra and is priced at just S$398 (more details below).

“Happy Mommy & Me” session details:

  • A 30 minute photography session at Bows and Ribbons Photography’s lifestyle studio
  • A personalised Preview Gallery consisting of up to 20 images to choose your favourites 
  • 5 Full-Resolution digital images to keep (all meticulously post-processed and canvas-ready)
  • The option to purchase additional photographs at a limited time discounted price
  • Outfits for mummy and baby will be provided by Bows and Ribbons Photography
  • Exclusively for Happy Maternity Avery Dove Nursing Bralette customers
  • Limited session slots are available

An option to have nursing photographs taken.

If you’re interested in booking your “Happy Mommy & Me” session, just drop us an email at hello@bowsandribbons.photo together with a copy of your Happy Maternity receipt.

Do remember to include some information about yourself, your contact details, as well as the age of your baby.

Terms and conditions apply.

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What’s a Fresh48 session anyway?

As newborn photographers (and new parents), we’ve come to realise a bittersweet truth about babies. But happily, we think we may have found a way to face it.

Those wrinkly toes.  

It’s a widely accepted fact: Babies do more growing in their first year than at any other point of their lives. That’s a lot of growing up in just 12 short months. A newborn baby changes so rapidly in the days and weeks after birth that if you blinked, you’d probably have missed some adorable little development. Another “fun” fact we learnt was that babies easily double in size and weight in their first 4 or 5 months, before slowing down a little bit after that. 

While all this talk about growing may be music to the ears of new parents who constantly worry whether their baby is drinking or eating enough for his or her age (those upper percentiles may not mean much but can awaken a competitive streak in new parents!), it isn’t great from our point of view as baby photographers.

This bittersweet truth—that babies grow too darn fast—is what inspired us, as newborn photographers, to offer Baby Milestone sessions which allow mummies and daddies to capture their little one’s developmental and growth milestones starting from about 2 months of age. But what about before, like wayyyy before. Do babies not grow and change relentlessly from the moment they are born?

The truth is, they absolutely do change, a lot, in just those first few hours! But there’s no reason not to have some photographs taken while mummy and daddy are just chilling in the hospital ward for a few days. That’s what our Fresh48 Session is for.

What exactly is a Fresh48 session, you may be wondering? Is it a newborn session done at the hospital? And are there props and backdrops and makeup involved? Well, it’s a hospital session where we aim to capture all the joy, tenderness and affection that new mummies and daddies are just brimming with after meeting their little bundle(s) just a few hours ago. We’ve been there, and it is definitely a feeling that’s difficult to describe.

Mummy’s instant bond with her new baby,

With a Fresh48 Session, we think we’re helping relieve some of the pressure to remember everything, and everyone; the way your brand new baby looked hours after birth, the wrinkly skin, those first few grimaces and smiles babies make as they take in the world around. And of course, there are the new parents: the admiring eyes of daddy, mummy’s instant bond with her new baby, and the way new parents oh-so-gently caress and snuggle their newborn

We also love capturing the unrestraint expressions of glee of older children when they meet their new sibling, and gushing grandparents are a welcomed addition, too!

We’re really maxing out our vocabularies here trying to describe the feelings surrounding a baby’s arrival. Maybe words don’t do enough justice. Photographs really are an easier and more expressive way of remembering those important first few hours with baby at the hospital. As trite as the saying may be, pictures really do paint a thousand words.

Fresh48 Sessions are offered exclusively to Bows and Ribbons Photography clients who book a newborn session with us. They are not presently available as standalone sessions.

Written by Timothy Fernandez 

© Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography

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I AM…Grateful

Nikon Singapore decided to feature yours truly on their Facebook page today as part of International Women’s Day. All I can say is, thank you.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is Balance for Better (#balanceforbetter), which is an appropriate theme for me as exactly one half of Bows and Ribbons Photography. We are, after all, a husband and wife team, working together in every aspect of our business, household and small family. 

So when Nikon Singapore approached me for a feature on their Facebook page as part of their event commemorations, I was excited, and also a bit nervous. I took the opportunity to find out more about International Women’s Day and what I could do to encourage gender equality and help build a world that better balances the roles and responsibilities of both women and men.

Facebook Feature Link: https://www.facebook.com/nikonsingapore/posts/2045041642216644

As a part of Bows and Ribbons Photography, I work with my husband, who gave me all the emotional support I needed to start Bows and Ribbons Photography and become a full-time newborn photographer. And as a woman, I do my best to embrace gender equality at home and at work. I try to live every day to its fullest, doing what I love and being grateful for every little success achieved along the way.

I would like to thank Nikon Singapore for including me and Bows and Ribbons Photography for their International Women’s Day feature, and together with everyone who has supported me along the way as I embarked on the journey to do what I really loved.

Written by Yuyeth Fernandez

© Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography

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So many photographs…so little time

After welcoming our first child—and capturing far too many images of him since he was born—we find ourselves in a bit of a quandary: how do we find the time to choose the best ones and edit them?

Our little Enzo at 10 days. This was but one of many similar shots.

Let’s begin with a bit of an experiment, shall we. Dig out an old photo album from your childhood, blow off the dust, and flip through a few of the pages. Feel free to reminisce over the collection of faded sepia-tinged images, and bask in those warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia for a while. We won’t disturb you, we promise.

Okay, all done?

If you’re like us, your eye would probably land on a particularly memorable image; of moments that meant something special to us, or perhaps a photo of ourselves that was just plain funny we couldn’t help but smile. Your next thought would probably be that some of those photos really didn’t belong there in the first place. Is that somebody’s out-of-focus hand? Whose hair was that?! Why am I wearing a dress??? And this was back in the days of film cameras that captured a maximum of 36 exposures per roll, mind you.

Digital photography has elevated the number of images each and every one of us can capture into the thousands, all on a single memory card or smartphone. And professional photographers use this technology to their advantage by capturing as many photographs as they can at every session.

A gallery from one of our own sessions. We usually select about 10-15 percent of photographs captured for preview galleries, removing any images that are duplicates, out of focus, or those that feature awkward facial expressions.

Of course, some of those images are going to be nearly identical. We tend to take a burst  of shots for a particular pose or setup just to be sure we get the one that’s absolutely perfect. Minor movements, shutter vibrations, and autofocus hiccups can make some shots look better than others. Also, because newborn babies tend to twitch and squirm a lot while posing, even while they’re sleeping, these additional captures come in very useful.

As newborn photographers, we definitely appreciate the ability to capture more and more shots. The more we capture, the greater our chance of getting shots that are closer to perfection; immaculately exposed, framed and focused. However, with great power comes great responsibility (pardon the trope), and capturing an average of 600 RAW images per session does have its drawbacks.

Now, let’s return to our bellyache about taking far too many images of our beloved baby boy than we actually have time to work on. Even as newborn photographers who do this nearly every day, we find ourselves wishing that we could just leave the selecting, adjusting and post processing of our little boy’s photographs to someone else.

The two stages of our editing process—colour adjustments to achieve our own look and feel, as well as finer edits to clean up the image while preserving the details. Newborns can develop peeling skin and acne just before their session (our boy certainly did!), and these little imperfections could mean that we need to work on an image for up to 30 minutes.

As most new parents can attest to, babies are a handful. A joyfulness inducing and utterly adorable handful, sure, but a handful nonetheless. And between feeds, baths, onesie changes, diaper swaps, bedtime lullabies, all that rocking to sleep…well, you get the picture, babies demand a lot of our time and energy. And they deserve to have it. We would rather spend our time with our boy and watch him grow than be hunched over a computer looking over images of him from 6 months ago.

But we knew what we were getting into from the start, so there’s no need to feel sorry for us! (Oh, you weren’t? That’s fine then.) We became newborn photographers a while before we became parents ourselves, and since we started doing this we’ve always sought to provide newborn photography services to best meet the needs of busy parents who want quality images that they could share, print, and treasure for a lifetime.

Firstly, we never release unfinished work. RAW images are named as such because they are just that, raw and unprocessed, so to speak. We capture hundreds of images so our mummies and daddies can always choose their favourites from a preview gallery of about 60 photographs on average. That’s about 10 percent of the images we take at a typical session.

Our intention when editing an image of a newborn baby is to make them look absolutely perfect and yet completely natural. There’s just so much beauty in the details. 
Colour adjusted using
Megan Macdonald Photography’s LR Preset.

Secondly, we don’t release all images we’ve selected because we understand the fact that the photographs WE liked best may not be the ones YOU liked best. So, while we may have our own specific preferences as photographers, we always let our mummies and daddies choose their favourites themselves.

And lastly, all our packages include full-resolution and meticulously post-processed images that are canvas-ready. We don’t resize or compress images unnecessarily since that would make them look just terrible on large canvas prints, not to mention on the high-resolution screens of your new 4K TV or smartphone. Full-resolution images make excellent desktop wallpapers, too. No annoying pixelation anywhere!

So, what we’re really saying is there may be no solution in sight for our current dilemma of having way too many photographs of our baby boy to post process and showcase. And that’s our problem, really. Sorry for the rant. But for the rest of you who are considering booking a newborn photography session for your little bundle of joy, we may have just the solution for you.

Pick a photographer that does all the work for you so you can focus on that new most important person in the world: your baby.

Written by Timothy Fernandez 

© Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography

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