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Bows and Ribbons Photography specializes in organic as well as styled newborn photography, with a preference for warm rustic colors and styling. We also do maternity sessions for expectant parents, as well as milestone sessions for babies who are learning how to lie on their belly (3-5 months), sit upright (6-8 months), crawl, and walk (9-11 months).

All our sessions include the use of our extensive collection of handmade props, wraps, and clothes for newborns and babies, as well as a selection of outfits for mums-to-be. Our prop and outfit collection has been sourced from all over the world, with some of our favourites coming Europe, the US, and Australia.

All our {Newborn} sessions are done at our boutique lifestyle studio and are captured using natural window light. Should you want your session done at your own place, please ensure your home has large windows and adequate natural lighting. Our sessions usually take place early in the morning, to make the most of the beautiful morning sun.


Maternity sessions are a beautiful way for expectant couples to capture all the joy and anticipation involved in welcoming a brand new baby. Throughout pregnancy, your body will go through many changes, and expectant moms have been known to have that famous “pregnancy glow”. Un-scientific evidence also suggests that daddies-to-be tend to have a “daddy glow” as well, and are inclined toward smiling a lot!

The best time to schedule your Belly session is between 28 and 34 weeks, when your tummy is nice and round. This does vary among women, so some women who “carry small” and don’t have a very visible baby bump may choose to wait until they are 36 to 38 weeks pregnant.

A good time to schedule a Belly session with us would be when you have a nice round and visible belly, feel great, and can still move around with some ease. Women who have bellies that are growing a bit faster than expected, may choose to have their session when they are around 28 to 32 weeks into the pregnancy.

It would be best to schedule a Belly session with us at least 2 months in advance.

Our belly sessions are only available as part of our {Belly to Baby Collections} and are not available as standalone sessions.

 Celebrate the journey


At Bows and Ribbons Photography we specialize in newborn photography and capturing all your little one’s precious details when they are as tiny and sleepy as possible.

Our sessions are usually scheduled within the first 2 weeks (5 to 12 days) because babies tend to sleep more during this window. At this age, newborns can be positioned safely and more easily when swaddled in blankets, wrapped in our organic fabrics, or posed in our handmade bonnets, headbands and tiebacks. But while posed newborns look lovely, we also try to achieve natural lifestyle poses with mom and dad (as well, as older siblings, if they’re present).

The optimal age to photograph a newborn is from 5 to 7 days, which is usually the best time to achieve sleepy posed photographs, but some babies still remain cooperative when they are 8 to 12 days new.

A typical newborn session lasts 3 to 4 hours. Some babies may take a bit longer to settle—but they’re adorable, so we always forgive them! This is a great time for mommies and daddies to sit back, relax, and take a breather. Just ensure that your baby (or babies) has a ready supply of milk, diapers, and cuddles for when your little one(s) needs them.

Fresh 48

Our Fresh 48 sessions are meant to help you document all the emotions and little naunces of your first few hours with your baby, from those itty bitty cringkly feet, to the intense and smitten gazed of mummies and daddies enjoying their brand new little bundles. 

Fresh 48 sessions are offered exclusively to parents who book their Newborn session with us and are not offered as a standalone sessions. 

They are best done within 48 hours after birth, and will take place in the comfort of your hospital room. Do note that we on a very limited number of these sessions monthly, so do enquire early if you are interested.



Milestone sessions are meant to document your little one’s achievements, big or small, throughout their first year. These sessions are all about capturing your baby’s first year triumphs, such as when they’re able to raise their head while lying on their tummy (tummy timers), sit up for the first time (sitters), crawl (crawlers) or attempt those first few steps.

We do our best to capture the many nuances surrounding these three milestones, too, such as when they never seem to stop drooling, are putting everything in their mouth, or still struggling to keep balance while sitting up for the first time!

These sessions do not strictly need to happen at 3-, 6-, or 11-months of age. They can be scheduled whenever you feel like your baby is ready to master something new, or when you would just like to remember how your adorable cherub looked during a particular stage.

Every baby is different and achieves their various milestones at different stages, so don’t worry if your little one isn’t enjoying tummy time just yet, or if they’re not sitting or trying to walk yet. It’s perfectly okay to wait a few more months for a session with us.

Milestone sessions usually last between 1 and 2 hours depending on baby. We always recommend milk and snuggle breaks during our sessions to ensure that babies are in their best mood. The good news is that most babies seem to like us, too, but parents are always encouraged to get in touch with their “inner child” to bring out the very best in their little ones.

Milk Bath

Turn your little one's everyday routine into a warm and luxurious treat.

Our Milk Bath Session are perfect for babies under 6-months who just can't get enough of bath time!

Add this to your next Baby Milestones session! 

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At Bows and Ribbons Photography, we recognize that every baby is unique. Timeless photographs of your little one may appear easy to create, but they can be some of the most difficult to capture. It’s important to remember that behind every successful session lies great teamwork among photographers (that’s us), babies and parents. It takes some patience, sweat, and tears (mostly baby's), but our goal is for you to come away from our session with an experience to remember and have photographs that you can treasure for years to come.