Build your own family heirloom   

Photographs and portraits have been recognized as some of the most important objects passed on from one generation to the next. While they may not have as much tangible value as other family heirlooms, the emotional and historical value they hold for future generations may best be described as "priceless". 

At Bows and Ribbons Photography, we recognize the importance of capturing and preserving memories for posterity and seek to provide quality products for new and growing families in Singapore to build their own family heirlooms. 

Memory Box  

How we prepare your {Memory Box} 

Beautiful memories deserve a beautiful home and the Bows and Ribbons Photography {Memory Box} provides the perfect little abode for your precious photographs.

Our wooden {Memory Box} is presented as our gift exclusively to fanilies who book a {Keepsake} or {Luxe} Collections with us, and it's NOT avaialable for sale à la carte.

Rustic Wooden Photoblocks 

Displaying photographs of family on walls at home has been known to instil a sense of acceptance and belonging among children. This is why we decided to partner with The Original Photoblocks in the Netherlands, to offer their exclusive and 100% handmade products. 

At Bows and Ribbons Photography we always provide full-resolution digital images with all our Collections. As such, these gorgeous and handcrafted works of art are an entirely optional (but wholeheartedly recommended!), addition to any of our packages.     

Ask us about them today.